Outreach: Tshwaraganang Children’s Home

The Endtime Gospel and Harvest Ministry (EGHM) team recently visited a children’s home in Hamanskraal, North of Gauteng. Tshwaraganang Children’s Home is a place of safety for orphaned children between the ages of 1 and 18 years. In 2002 Mama Catherine, recognised the need for education in her local community and took immediate action. She then began to take the children under her wing and make them comfortable in her own home where she cared for them for 4 years. Tshwaraganang Children’s Home was brought to life in 2006 by none other than Mama Catherine herself when she found an abandoned stand and with some help created what is now a home to many orphaned children.

The EGHM team were met with beaming faces as we arrived. The very well-disciplined children burst out in song as they helped unload the cars. EGHM brought groceries, toiletries for the teenagers and diapers for the little ones. We spent the afternoon interacting with the children, getting to know them, laughing and playing.

Pastor Gift Petlele prayed over the home and blessed the children.

For more information on Tshwaraganang Children’s Home, please visit http://www.tshwaraganang.org.za/ .